Lebanese Hezbollah slams terror attacks on New Zealand

IRNA – The Lebanese Hezbollah in a statement vehemently condemned the recent terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that have left dozens of people dead as well as many others injured.

According to the statement published on Friday evening, seen by IRNA, Hezbollah expressed regret over the incident, saying such terrorist crimes requires the security officials to take necessary measures to prevent such incidents and to pursue their plotters.

Hezbollah warned against extremist acts toward Muslims and foreign nationals, noting that such measures are in line with US malicious policies.

These policies contradicts with religious values which are for negotiations and indulgence, the statement reads.

At least 49 people have been killed so far, and about 50 seriously injured, after gunmen opened fire at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday when hundreds of Muslims had gathered to say their prayers.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi denounced the attack urging the New Zealand government to detect the perpetrators of the “racist action” and bring them to justice “without any consideration”.

“Any terrorist act, anywhere in the world, carried out by anybody under any motive, must be condemned by all the countries”, Qasemi added, calling on “governments not to allow racist and Islamophobic movements to disrupt the security of citizens.”