IRGC seizes 1 million liters of smuggled diesel in South Iran

MNA – Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy have seized more than one million liters of diesel in coasts of Bandar Abbas, southern Iran, before being smuggled.

After a week of intelligence operations, IRGC forces managed to seize two bunker ships and five towboats, arresting 56 individuals.

According to an IRGC Navy official, towboats were transferring diesel to bunker ships and the fuel was then distributed to different ships and ports. IRGC is studying the case to find out the destination of smuggled fuel.

Although Iranian rial has experienced a severe depreciation against international currencies in recent months, fuel prices have remained unchanged and this has multiplied the lucrativeness of fuel smuggling in Iran.

Earlier in March, intelligence forces of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps dismantled a major fuel smuggling circle, seizing more than 10 million liters of fuel.