Arms suppliers to Riyadh collaborators in Yemen disaster: Iran

IRNA – Those who falsely pretend to support the human rights have remained silent in face of killing Yemeni women and children and even kept selling arms to those who are committing the crimes, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday.

Condemning the recent air raids of Saudi Arabia on Talan village in Hijjah Province in Yemen, Bahram Qasemi expressed sadness over the silence of human rights groups and organizations in face of the ‘war crimes’ and ‘anti-humanitarian’ acts of ‘aggressors’.

‘The innocent Yemeni women and children who are already suffering from famine and humanitarian disasters, are victims of everyday brutalities of the aggressors that are emboldened by arms which are either gifted or sold to them by some Western countries,’ he said.

‘Although their (the Yemeni people) voices under oppression are not heard while they are alive, they provide the evidence of shame for the fake supporters of human rights to be recorded in the history,’ Qasemi said.

The arms suppliers are considered accomplices to those who engage in the daily killing of Yemeni people, he said.

In the latest attack on Yemen by Saudi warplanes, at least 20 women and children were killed.

The Yemen war waged by Saudi Arabia and a number of its allies in 2015 has left thousands of civilians killed and hundreds of children maimed.