Iranian President to visit Baghdad on Monday

ISNA – Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani will travel to Baghdad on Monday at the official invitation of Iraqi Prime Minister and President.

Deputy head for communications and information at the Iranian presidential office, Parviz Esmaeili said, “President Rouhani will depart for Baghdad on Monday for a tree-day visit. Holding bilateral meetings with Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi and President Barham Saleh to discuss bilateral relations and regional cooperation are on the agenda”.

“Moreover, the high-ranking delegations from Iran and Iraq will review the latest status of agreements and cooperation as well as new opportunities for developing and deepening ties between the two neighboring and friendly countries through joint and separate meetings with their counterparts. The results of these meetings will explain to the media through press conference held by the presidents of Iran and Iraq,” he added.

“Holding meeting with Iraqi lawmakers and Parliament Speaker, attending commercial summit with the presence of private and public sections of Iran and Iraq and holding meeting with other high-ranking Iraqi officials as well as some of elites, political and social groups are also on the agenda,” Parviz Esmaeili went on to say.

According to the official, President Rouhani will also meet with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani during the visit.