Threats to Iran incomparable with those to other states

IRNA – There isn’t any other country in the world that is facing such threats from its borders, a high-ranking Iranian military official says.

“Even countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are not exposed to such border threats,” said Border Guard Commander Brigadier General Ghasem Rezai on Thursday, adding, “All the threats are targeting the Islamic Revolution objectives.”

The official noted that there are up to 30 confrontations between Iranian forces on Afghanistan and Pakistan borders with drug traffickers and other gangs from those places.

Iran’s western borders are calmer, said Rezai, adding, ‘However, we see illegal entries into Turkey and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region as well as traditional terrorist groups.”

The Iranian border guard commander went on to say that the main problem on the country’s southern and south-western frontiers is smuggling of goods into Iran.

“Despite all these border plots, our general estimate is that situation on Iran’s borders are good,” he assured.

The official went on to highlight the forces’ “border diplomacy”, saying there have been five negotiations with Turkish border officials as well as three with Afghan authorities so far.