‘Qazvin-Rasht railway is in stark contrast to Trump walls’: Rouhani

IRNA – Iranian president has boasted the country’s new railroad that connects South and East Asia to Central Asia and Europe, saying the rail project is in sharp contrast to the US President Donald Trump’s wall policy.

“At a time when the US has reimposed sanctions on Iran and threatens all countries not to work with us, this railway, that’s been inaugurated at the presence of some countries’ representatives, shows that world nations don’t pay attention to the walls; not only the wall on US-Mexico border but also all the walls,” Hassan Rouhani told reporters in the northern Iranian city of Rasht on Thursday.

“All the poeple are against any kind of wall,” added Rouhani following the inauguration of a railway that links the city of Qazvin, 150 kilometres west of the capital Tehran, to the northern city of Rasht.

The railroad, 164 kilometres long, was the penultimate missing link on the multimodal International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) that turns Iran into a transit hub and a hedge between the Asian and European continents.

“Qazvin-Rashti railway links the Persian Gulf with the Mediterrenean Sea, East Europe as well as many parts of Asia,” head of the Iranian government stressed.

Rouhani was also referring to the US president’s plans to build a wall along the border with its southern border México in a bid to counter what he calls “drug trafficking and entrance of “violent gangs” into his country.

“Our rail road is against the wall,” added Rouhani, saying, “It goes through mountains, builds bridges and connects nations.”