Iran welcomes ‘overwhelming’ opposition against US sanctions

IRNA- The Iranian president says the tide has turned against the US politics as for the first time during the last 40 years, an overwhelming majority of countries are against the sanctions reimposed by Washington on Tehran.

“It’s true that we are sanctioned, but let’s know this fact that since the victory of the Revolution, this is the first time that there are only some countries that favour the sanctions,” Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday, adding, “An overwhelming majority of the world countries are against them (sanctions)”. He was addressing local government officials in the northern Iranian Province of Gilan.

“Since the (1979 Islamic) Revolution, we have been slapped by various sanctions and many western countries had supported the US measures. However, he stressed, ‘We have never seen that those who sanction Iran are the US, those who favour the Zionist Regime as well as other countries.”

He referred to overwhelming majority of public opinion’s opposition against the US withdrawal from the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran as a “political victory”.

Head of the Iranian government also went on to highlight the country’s regional achievements, saying, “For the first time in the region and the world history, effective and, better to say, main decisions on the regional security, especially in Syria, are made by three countries, one of which is the Islamic Iran.”

Iran, Russia and Turkey have taken the initiative to sort out the eight years of war in Syria through trilateral negotiations, dubbed Astana talks, as they were first held in the Kazakh capital in 2017.

“When had you seen Iran as the main political player in the region?” he asked, rhetorically to stress, “It’s a success for us.”

Hassan Rouhani said all the country’s armed forces as well as the nation have been leading Iran’s fight against terrorism in the reigon.

“Know this for certain that hadn’t it been for the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Baghdad and Erbil would’ve collapsed and Daesh would’ve dominated the region, creating many problems for the country because we couldn’t have prevented the Iraqi people’s entering Iran,” Rouhani highlighted.