Oil, gas key in development of all sectors: MP

SHANA — Spokesperson of the Iranian parliament’s energy committee said oil and gas were key in the development of all industrial sectors in the country.

Speaking to Shana, Asadollah Gharehkhani said despite all the challenges, several important phases of South Pars gas field came online by the administration indicating the wisdom of the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum.

He said Iran’s gas production had increased under Rouhani administration, which resulted in supply of the item to various parts of the country.

The MP revered the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) for distribution of gas to villages and cities of the country under the sanctions, adding this was one of the greatest achievements of the petroleum ministry.

He further stated that inauguration of three phases of Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refinery (also called the Persian Gulf Star Refinery) was important.

The facility is fed by gas condensate and produces Euro-5 petrol.