Iran’s dispute with US non-negotiable, non-compromisable

MNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that differences between Iran and the United States are neither ‘negotiable’ nor ‘compromisable’.

He made the remarks Wednesday while addressing the people of Lahijan, Gilan province, in northern Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its path of independence and development which was started 40 years ago, he noted.

Rouhani praised the resistance of Iranian nation in the face of US sanctions, saying, “enemies wanted to name this year as the year of their victory and our defeat, but the great Iranian nation has resisted all pressures exerted by the enemies.”

At the first stage of their plot, enemies were after provoking the Iranian nation to breach the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), however, they didn’t gain any victory in this field, said Rouhani.

The president then added that the United States saw its isolation in the world and decided to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal unilaterally.

Washington thought that it could break the Iranian nation’s resistance with the imposition of sanctions but the nation resisted and enemies’ next plot was also foiled in the UN Security Council session in which all member countries voiced support for Iran against the will of US President Donald Trump, Rouhani noted.