Iranian nation needs no foreigner to solve issues: Jewish MP

IRNA – A representative of the Jews in Iranian Parliament said that the sanctions targeted all the Iranian people, and underlined problems are solving within the body of the Iranian nation and there is no need to foreigners.

According to IRNA, Siamak Mareh-Sedgh stated at the 15th Cultural-Art Conference of the Monotheistic Religions held on Saturday March 2, adding, ‘Due to sanctions and hostilities, this year the conditions for celebrating the revolution are different from other years, but what makes this ceremony more magnificent is what makes the Bahman 22 March splendid.’

He added, ‘In the face of the enemy’s full use of pressure to put pressure on the people of Iran, people increasingly declare their solidarity with the revolution.”

The MP added that although sanctions have put people in trouble to live, it does not in any way mean to put aside the goals of the revolution.

Referring to the eight-year imposed war on Iran, he stated, ‘Our people have had a difficult period of war in which the whole world wanted to mobilize against a system, but they could not do anything against the Iranian people. This nation is the nation that has become more experienced and capable and more determined, and these problems do not disturb Iran’s goals.’