Iran doesn’t believe in reproducing foreing-made defense equipment

MNA – Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces said the country does not believe in reproducing foreign-made defense equipment, adding national security must be provided by domestic capabilities.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri made the remarks in an industrial research festival for the Armed Forces on Monday, hosted by Institute for Defense Research and Innovation, and attended by scientists and researchers from the Iranian Armed Forces.

“We do not believe in reproducing foreign-made defense equipment,” said Major General Bagheri. “Rather, we should always strive for producing knowledge and developing an innovative and modern deterrent power based on our domestic scientific capabilities in an effort to provide our national security in a way that enemies would never fathom causing any harm to Iran.”

He went on to add, “the enemies of the Islamic establishment have never spared any efforts to undermine our country by changing their tactics and upgrading their capabilities.”

“Accordingly, our sustained security depends on increasing the deterrence power, and it should always be updated according to threats and the country’s defensive needs of our country,” Bagheri stressed.

“The sustainability of the security of the country and the region will only be maintained by new and innovative moves in the defense sector, since enemies continue to expand their animosity by allocating huge military budgets,” the General Staff chief added.