Reconstruction of Syria by Iran provides economic benefits of both sides

MNA – An Iranian expert on the regional issues, Abbasali Mansouri Arani, said that the presence of Iran during the reconstruction era of Syria will be beneficial for both countries.

Referring to the significance of the Syrian President Bashar Assad’s visit to Tehran, he said to Mehr News agency, “considering the fact that Syria has been at the front of the fight against terrorism in recent years, Mr. Assad’s visit to Iran as the main supporter and strategic ally of Syria is of great importance.”

“Assad’s visit to Tehran aimed at appreciating Iran’s material and spiritual support during their fight against terrorists.” He added.

Arani said that Iran and Syria are undoubtedly each other’s strategic depth and this lets both countries to be capable to play an influential regional role.

“One of the points of Mr. Assad’s visit to Tehran was his emphasis on the necessity of Iran’s participation and presence during Syria’s economic reconstruction and cultural interaction between scholars and intellectuals in Iran and Syria which will bring benefits for both sides,” he mentioned.

He also said that the presence of Iran during the reconstruction of Syria will meet the economic benefits of both countries and it will be an appropriate opportunity considering the experience of Iranian governmental and private sector in reconstruction and renovation.