100 more flights passing through Iran per day due to Pakistan-India tensions

MNA – The Managing Director of Iran Airports Company says that due to the ongoing India-Pakistan tensions, the number of flights passing the Iranian sky has recently increased by 100 ones per day.

The Managing Director of Iran Airports Company Siavash Amir Mokri said on Sunday that due to the fact that Pakistan and Afghanistan spaces have been shut down as a result of ongoing tension between India and Pakistan over the past days, the passing flights have to change their routes.

“We are defining new routes to help the passing flights,” Mokri said, adding “about 100 flights are passing the Iranian sky these days.”

“some parts of Pakistan’s sky has been opened recently but Iran will provide the required services to the foreign airlines as far as it is needed,” the official further asserted.

In response to MNA correspondent concerning the Qatari flights that use Iran sky, he said that the flights have created a lot of income for Iran, though he did not mention the exact amount of Iran’s earnings.