De-escalation of Pakistan-India crisis stressed

IRNA – Speakers at a roundtable discussion in Islamabad have stressed upon the need for de-escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan.

They were speaking at a roundtable on ‘Escalation Management and Control between India and Pakistan’ organized by Islamabad Policy Institute (IPI), an Islamabad-based think tank.
The speakers said India and Pakistan need to de-escalate the ongoing crisis.

Former Pakistani Defence Secretary Lt. Gen (Retd) Asif Yasin Malik said return of the Indian pilot could be trust building measure to end the crisis.

While speaking about the current escalation he said a state has to plan for both escalation and de-escalation and poor planning for any of the two scenarios can lead to war.

Pakistan’s Former Permanent Representative at the United Nations in Geneva Zamir Akram stressed the need for escalation management and control to ensure that nuclear deterrence is maintained.

He emphasized that de-escalation is only possible once both adversaries have a common interest in de-escalation and unilateral measures aimed at de-escalation will not work.

He identified rationality, signaling, transparency and credibility as key factors influencing crisis management.

Credibility of deterrence is essential for de-escalation, he stated.

It was stated that credibility of the crisis management is critical for both sides.

Khalid Banuri said that the current crisis was a test of diplomacy.

Defence analyst Syed Muhammad Ali said that Pakistan had simultaneously demonstrated resolve and capability along with restraint in its calculated use of force.