Dutch ambassador welcomes Zarif staying in job

IRNA – Dutch Ambassador to Iran Jacques Louis Werner late on Thursday welcomed Mohammad Javad Zarif’s continuation of his job as the country’s foreign minister.

Referring to the International Conference of World of Nowruz held in Milad Tower Thursday, he tweeted that Zarif commemorated Nowruz which marks onset of new year and resumed his duty after rejection of his resignation.

“He spoke with a good spirit about a fresh starting,” he said.

Addressing the International Conference of World of Nowruz, Zarif described the festival as a human revolution, saying, “Let us make an alliance and make our world and country like Nowruz.”

“We need to change a thought based on power and dominance of using destructive weapons to a thought of dialogue, sympathy, solidarity and coexistence in our homes, societies, region and world,” he said.

Nowruz is language of solidarity and language of setting aside disputes. Today, we need solidarity more than ever. We are inheritors of Nowruz culture.

The conference held one day after Zarif’s resignation was rejected was attended by representatives from Azerbaijan Republic, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, India and Afghanistan.