Zarif: Pressures by hegemonists to get nowhere

IRNA – Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday that thanks to the trust between people and officials and the synergy among servants of the nation, the pressures exerted by the hegemonists will bear no fruits.

‘The vast ocean of affection expressed by the great and courageous people of Iran and their honorable representatives, along with considerate comments by my dear brother honorable Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani, the kind and strict letter of the respectable president and benevolence and paternal favor shown by the wise Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, have made me and my colleagues in the foreign ministry to double our efforts to protect the country’s national interests and the rights of the great Iranian people, Zarif wrote in an Instagram post.

‘This unity and solidarity has been the secret behind the victories and progress of our great nation in the past 40 years while it has been the main cause of defeat of the hegemonists that have sought to safeguard their interests through creating divisions in the Iranian society,’ he wrote.

Iran’s top diplomat went on to say, ‘Through fostering trust between people and officials and synergy among servants of the nation and their commitment to do their responsibilities according to the law, we can nullify pressures by the imprudent hegemonists that despite all the defeats and damages inflicted on them still seek to safeguard their useless and harmful hegemonic interests through selling arms and making insecure West Asia and putting maximum pressure on the great people of Iran.’

‘The foreign ministry [of the Islamic Republic of Iran] has always been of the view that diplomacy, solely backed by national power, internal integrity and public support, could stabilize our regional and global achievements,’ Zarif’s Instagram post further suggested.

He said that today the genuine efforts by the soldiers on the frontline of diplomacy has resulted in the failure of the Zionists to revive their sinister conspiracy of making Iran insecure and undermining the country’s productive, peace seeking and anti extremist role it has in the region.