FM Zarif: Pakistan, India should not wage war as ‘we are all sitting in one ship’

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called for reducing tensions between Pakistan and India, saying that violence will bring peace to nobody.

“We should accept that we are all sitting on one ship and that violence will not bring peace to anybody. We, that have Nowruz culture as our heritage, should not fight with each other. There should not be a fight between India and Pakistan,” Zarif said on Thursday addressing an event in Tehran dubbed as ‘the international Nowruz world conference’.

Ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, India, and Afghanistan had also attended the event.

“We need to change the idea of using domination and destructive weapons into that of dialogue in the world and in the region,” noted Zarif.

We should acknowledge that establishing security at the expense of others’ insecurity is not only undesirable, but also impossible, he said, adding, “we have to admit that in today’s world, either we are all salvaged, or we all get drowned; whether drowning in crisis of environment, or insecurity or poverty.”

“Peace cannot be achieved with domination,” highlighted the top diplomat, saying that the era of hegemony and domination has ended.

The condition of those who have spent $7 trillion have deteriorated and they should know that no change will be achieved even if they spend $70 or $700 trillion, noted Zarid, adding, “as long as they do not accept that humans have one future and that there is one solution for the joint problems, they cannot achieve peace.”