Paris reiterates commitment to JCPOA

IRNA – The French Foreign Ministry referred to Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’ unaccepted resignation, and said Paris is committed to implementation of nuclear deal.

In response to a question whether Zarif’s resignation has effect on implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), French Foreign Ministry spokesman’s remarks said France will remain committed to JCPOA until the time that Iran is complying.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Zarif said he is to step down from his post and , appreciating the Iranian nation for their nobleness, begged pardon for his incapability of continuing his services and all probable deficiencies during his tenure.

The French spokesman stressed that the JCPOA which has been verified by all members of the United Nations Security Council is regarded as basic elements of non-proliferation regime and an important factor for regional and international security.

President Rouhani in a letter on Wednesday said he will not accept resignation of the foreign minister as the move is against the national interests.

President Rouhani said he rejected the foreign minister’s resignation regarding the Supreme Leader’s remarks which termed Zarif as a brave, reliable and faithful person who pioneers in resistance against the US pressures against the country.

He said the happiness shown by the sworn enemies, including the Zionist regime of Israel after Zarif’s resignation well betokened the foreign minister’s success so “this is the best reason for you to remain in your post’.

“Since you are ‘honest, brave, courageous and pious’, as Supreme Leader put it, and since I believe you are at the forefront of resisting the intense pressures of the United States, I consider accepting your resignation against our country’s interests, and I reject it’, website of the president published.