IRGC to deploy forces along maritime, land borders to fight smuggling: MP

IRNA – The IRGC forces are to be deployed along land and maritime borders to help border guards fight smuggling of goods and currency, a senior Iranian security official said.

The Deputy Head of National Security Commission of Iranian Parliament Kamal Dehqani Firouzabadi told reporters on Monday that the move will definitely help improve better use of the IRGC potential in conducting more decisive fight against smuggling.

He noted that, during an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Commission to investigate Zahedan terrorist incident, the Commission hosted the interior minister who stressed the necessity of cooperation with neighboring countries, the issue of reopening border areas such as Salmas and Qasreshirin and also the need to facilitate the commute of Arbaeein pilgrims.

He added that the necessity of combating smuggling of goods and currency and specifically livestock, was one of the cases emphasized by the MPs at the meeting.
The minister said that the trafficking of livestock is controllable and administrative departments are taking their measures.

According to Dehqani Firouzabadi ane other issue discussed at the meeting was the need to control the borders of Iran and Pakistan with the parliamentarians criticizing the Pakistani government’s negligence.

He said that this kind of border control and counter-terrorism can affect the security of borders and relations between Iran and Pakistan and stressed that this contradicts the basic policy of the Pakistani government to control its borders and protect its citizens from terrorist acts.