Progress in developing marine propulsion systems promising

MNA – Chief of the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Marine Industries Organization highlighted Iran’s progress in the field of marine systems, saying the ministry has geared up to become self-sufficient in developing marine propulsion systems.

Addressing the 2nd Marine Propulsion Conference at Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology on Monday, Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari said, “we are currently cooperating with a large number of domestic and foreign companies in the field of marine propulsion systems,” adding that the country is moving toward self-sufficiency in this field.

Along with the plan, the design and development of gasoline and diesel engines, power transmission systems, propulsion equipment, and monitoring systems are high on the ministry’s agenda, he noted.

Rear Admiral Rastegari said that the domestic experts are working to develop an indigenous 25 MW marine gas turbine, which is a highly applicable system in marine vessels.

Iran has made considerable progress in the field of marine vessels, especially in the design and manufacture of submarines and destroyers.

Last week, the senior military chief announced that the construction of a heavy destroyer weighing 6,500 tons is on Defense Ministry’s agenda.