No power dares to attack Iran for next 80 years: senior official

MNA – Top Military Aide to the Iranian Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said that Iran’s security is strengthened to the point that no power would dare to attack it for the next 80 years.

He made the remarks Sunday addressing students and professors of Abadan Faculty of Petroleum in Khuzestan province.

The United States is not brave enough to wage a military aggression against Iran, said Safavi adding, “our cultural and political power and influence stretches all the way to the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean regions.”

“The previous generation of students had made great achievements and guided the country to this point, now it is your turn to build the future,” he told students, adding, “our security is so high that no power can attack us for the next 80 years.”

Safavi then called for tapping internal potentials in different fields, noting that Khuzestan province is a cultural, defense, and agricultural hub of Iran which is capable of providing the required food for 50 million people.