Home-grown MiG-29 gearbox successfully completes operational testing

MNA – Iranian experts at knowledge-based companies have successfully completed the operational testing of a domestically-made gearbox for MiG-29 jet fighter.

The operational testing was done during the visit of Army Air Force Commander, Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, to the Shahid Fakouri airbase in Tabriz on Sunday.

The gearbox for the MiG-29 jet fighter has been manufactured by young Iranian experts at knowledge-based companies.

The production of its prototype and the successful completion of the operational testing is a huge step toward the country’s self-sufficiency in aviation industry. In addition to meeting the country’s needs, the manufacture of aircraft parts will also lead to considerable foreign currency saving for the Islamic Republic.

The Army Air Force commander hailed the efforts by Iranian experts in developing the country’s aviation industry, saying “today that we are at the forefront of fighting sanctions and overcoming an economic war, your performance will further contribute to the strengthening of the sacred establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He further stressed that the Army Air Force looks forward to using and fully relying on domestic expertise and equipment.