Iran launches 3 cruise missiles in Velayat-97 wargame

IRNA – Three cruise missiles were shot from coastal launchers in the second day of Velayat 97′ wargame which is underway in the Sea of Oman on Friday.

According to Iran Army public relations office, Shahid Naqdi Destroyer, Tabarzin frigate and the missile system destroyed their targets.

Shahid Naqdi Destroyer, Tabarzin frigate shot Qader and Qadir cruise missiles.

The Iranian missile launchers also launched a Qader missile toward its target in the sea.

Qader and Qadir missiles with 250 and 300 km range have the capability of being launched from ships, coastal systems and helicopters.

More than 100 of the Navy fleet, including different kinds of destroyers, missile launching navies, logistic navies, light and heavy submarines, hovercrafts, fixed wing aircrafts, and helicopters have participated in the parade.

The parade covers an area of more than two million square kilometers east of Hormuz Strait, Oman Sea and north of the Indian Ocean (up to 10 degrees) and the participants in the parade exercise defense and air defense tactics to safeguard the territorial waters, while hoisting banner of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Earlier, Deputy Commander of the Islamic Republic Army for Coordination Affairs Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Iranian army is vigilantly monitoring all threats in the region.

Threats have always existed against Iran, he said, stressing that the important fact is the armed forces’ capabilities and readiness for confrontation and deterrence.