Iran English language newspaper headlines on Saturday, 23-2-2019

Iran Daily

Iran starts naval drills to test sub-launched missiles

Iran on Friday began large-scale naval drills at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, which will feature its first submarine cruise missile launches.

Japan’s refiners seek clarity over Iran oil waiver extension

Japanese refiners are seeking clarity on whether there will an extension to the 180-day sanctions waiver from Washington in March, as they hope to continue buying Iranian oil without any disruption, Petroleum Association of Japan’s president, Takashi Tsukioka, said Friday.

Decision time, not extra time, EU Brexit negotiator says

Brexit talks now require a “decision” rather than going into “extra time”, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said Friday as the clock runs down on March 29 when Britain is set to leave the block, with or without an exit deal.

Hunger worsens in South Sudan despite peace deal

Five months into South Sudan’s fragile peace, 1.5 million people are on the brink of starvation and half the population, more than six million people, are facing extreme hunger, say the United Nations and South Sudan’s government in a report issued Friday.

Iran welcomes FATF’s extended deadline to fortify anti-money laundering rules

The Central Bank of Iran welcomed a global anti-money laundering body’s decision to extend the deadline for Iran to complete reforms.

Iran arrests eight suspects in terrorist attack on IRGC forces

Iran has detained eight suspects in connection with a recent terrorist attack that killed 27 Iranian security forces in the country’s southeast, a provincial official announced.

Israel, not Iran, is a threat

The US-dominated Warsaw conference on ‘Peace and Security in the Middle East’ held last week was more on isolating Iran than focusing on the real threat to peace and security in the region, i.e. Israel.

Iranians paying for US sanctions with their health

Ali only had two hours to save his baby’s life. He careened through traffic and sped along highways to an east Tehran pharmacy. When he saw some 800 people queued outside the facility, he dropped to his knees. Like him, they were waiting to obtain state-funded medications.

IRGC able to monitor data of US drones in Syria, Iraq

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said it can monitor data of the US drones flying over Syria and Iraq, according to Fars News Agency.

Tehran Times

Iraq to import Iranian energy avoiding U.S. dollar: Iraqi official

Iraq is close to finalize a deal for importing Iranian energy despite American sanctions by avoiding the U.S. dollar, an Iraqi official said.

Iran launches naval drills in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman

On Friday, Iranian naval forces started a three-day drill in the Per-sian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Zarif says INSTEX is a prerequisite for implementation of European promises

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that IN-STEX, a financial channel for trade with Iran in the face of U.S. sanctions, is just a prerequisite for implementation of the European promises.

U.S. withdrawal from the INF treaty was a big mistake: Pillar

The withdrawal of the United States from the INF contract has become a major concern for global peace and security lovers, and many an-alysts have assessed this incident as a way to war.

FATF gives Iran until June to strengthen anti-money laundering rules

Iran has until June to fix its anti-money laundering and terrorism financing rules or face increased international scrutiny of its banks, a global watchdog said on Friday.

Ayatollah Momen passes away at 81Ayatollah

Mohammad Momen, a member of the Assembly of Experts and the Guard-ian Council, passed away at the age of 81 in a hospital in Tehran on Thursday after spending the past two months battling with brain hemorrhage and respiratory problems.

Iran’s missile program non-negotiable: Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi, director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, has said that Iran’s missile program is “non-negotiable”.

General Soleimani to Pakistanis: Saudi Arabia is ruining your country

General Qassem Soleima-ni, commander of the IRGC Quds Force, warned the Pakistanis on Thursday to be aware of attempts by Saudi Arabia to ruin their country through its “money”.

World has had enough of America’s unilateralism: Qassemi

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bah-ram Qassemi has said the international com-munity has grown sick and tired of America’s unilateralism, and that world nations such as China and Russia as well as Washington’s European allies have chosen to stand up to the Donald Trump administration.

Pro-diplomacy groups urge Congress to check Trump’s anti-Iran policy

Over 50 pro-diplomacy organizations in the United States have slammed Presi-dent Donald Trump’s aggressive anti-Iran policy, calling on congressmen to stand against Washington’s sanctions and press it to return to the 2015 multinational nuclear deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Zarif warns Israel about its warlike adventurism

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the Israeli regime that its “dangerous” adventurism with its bombing campaign in Syria could result in a military conflict in the region.