Austria to coop. with Iran to build green energy ecological center

MNA – Austrian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Stefan Scholz said on Fri. that his country will cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran for constructing green energies ecological center.

Islamic Republic of Iran is known as a driving force in the Middle East region, he said, adding, “the country’s tendency for moving towards renewable energies has caused Iran to be known as a regional hub.”

Speaking in a joint meeting held between Iran and Austria in the field of renewable energies, he reiterated, “Islamic Republic of Iran has taken giant stride towards the development of renewable energies, energy productivity and development of environmental technologies.”

The ambassador pointed to the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for diversifying its energy document and said, “Iran enjoys high potentials and capabilities in the field of hydrocarbon, so that Iran’s tendency to move towards renewable energies has introduced the country as a regional hub.”

He placed special emphasis that clean energies have been turned into a potential part in bilateral cooperation between Iran and Austria, adding, “accordingly, we are after constructing green energy ecological center in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Austria is trying to help strengthen Iran in this field in order to turn technical standards into the regional interactions, the ambassador added.