Iran aquatic animal production grows forty times in four decades

IRNA – Production and hunting of aquatic animals has grown forty times in the past forty years, Minister of Agriculture Mahmoud Hojjati said.

Speaking in a local ceremony in the city of Poldokhtar, in western province of Lorestan, Hojjati noted that ‘Right after the revolution our production was just 30,000 tons but now the figure has risen to 1.230 million tons.’

Saying that Iran has a great human and natural capacity parts of which are still untapped and sometimes overlooked, he referred to the province’s great potential like sloping lands, compatible natures, and good precipitation, which provides the desired conditions for good production.

He referred to US sanctions on Iran and added that in the first years that President Rouhani has taken office, Iran imported 5-7 million tons of wheat. The need has been met now.