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Iran, Pakistan urged to use diplomatic channels over Zahedan terror attack

IRNA – Pakistani leading English news daily says Iran and Pakistan must use diplomatic channels to address the situation arising after Zahedan terrorist incident.

The daily ‘Dawn’ in its editorial on Thursday said that ‘the targeting of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, also known as the Pasdaran, in Sistan-Baluchestan province that borders our own Balochistan has led to Tehran pointing fingers in this direction.’

It added a senior commander of the Pasdaran has said that the suicide bomber that targeted the Guards’ bus was a Pakistani, as were two of the facilitators of the attack.

It wrote that Pakistan has condemned the targeting of the Pasdaran, and there needs to be an investigation involving both nations so that the perpetrators of this tragedy can be brought to justice.

The paper noted from the standpoint of internal security and bilateral relations, it is in both countries’ interest to work together to defeat terrorist groups.

“There are precedents that working together can produce positive results in the fight against militancy,” said the editorial.

It said that ‘for example, Pakistan helped recover a number of Iranian border guards kidnapped last year by Jaish al-Adl, while there have been high-level bilateral exchanges between the civilian and military top brass of both countries focusing on security.’

“This is a volatile time for Pakistan and the entire region, with non-state actors playing a destabilising role where state-to-state relations are concerned. Therefore, defeating militancy requires a regional, coordinated approach,” the ‘Dawn’ added.

It viewed Pakistan and Iran must use diplomatic channels to address this sensitive issue.

“As has been proven in the past, cooperation can deliver the goods where the fight against militancy is concerned,” it said