Wood loading center of exporting to Iran to be constructed in Astrakhan

IRNA – Astrakhan province governor announced that the construction of a wood loading center for the export to Iran has begun in this Russian region.

Sergey Morozov added that the Iranian company “Arian Saeed Industrial Group” has started the construction of a wood loading center and intends to send its products, including fiber and medium-thick fibers, along with other Russian wood products to Iran.

Astrakhan Governor, pointing out that Russia expands cooperation with Iran in the field of transportation and logistics, referred to the plans of Iranian companies in the field of agriculture in Astrakhan.

Morozov said Golrang Industrial Group and Rain Group Holdings announced plan to lease 20,000 hectares of land for breeding large livestock and center for the cultivation of plants for feeding animals.

He also went on to say that plans for the establishment of food production center for livestock and dry milk plants will soon be implemented.

Astrakhan governor said, “Cooperation with the Caspian littoral states is a strategic goal for the us, efforts are being made to form the Astrakhan-Turkmenistan Trade Council and a cooperation program has been set up with the Republic of Azerbaijan.’