Pakistan should know Saudi gov’t is transient: Top advisor

IRNA – Military advisor to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution slammed Pakistan Intelligence Organization’s backing for terrorists, saying that Pakistan is a neighbor of Iran but it should know that Saudi government will not last.

Addressing a ceremony to commemorate Taekwondo martyrs in Isfahan, Major General Seyyed Yahya Rahim Safavi added that 16 research organizations in Europe have announced in a document themed ‘World in 2030’ that Saudi country will not exist in 2030 while Iran will be strongest country of the region.

“Lebanese Hezbollah, Islamic resistance in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain are the product of martyrs’ bloods,” he said, hailing Yemenis’ resistance against the aggressions for four years.

Every bomb Saudi Arabia drops on Yemeni people costs five million dollars while Donald Trump has received over 500 million dollars to support the regime, he said.

Safavi also hailed massive turnout in Bahman 22 rallies, saying that the people showed that they are still standing alongside the Islamic Revolution.