Why Iran’s service startups scream for workers despite jobs crisis

Al-Monitor | : To address the shortage of jobs in the country, Iran’s government has banked on the thriving technology sector. Yet, despite the alarming unemployment rate, fledgling service sector startups have difficulties with hiring unskilled workers. In this regard, traditional mentalities and new working conditions should be blamed.

In July 2018, when Habib Afzali and his business partner established Carno — an on-demand service that allows customers to order waterless car washes at their locations of choice — they thought their biggest problem would be to create enough demand to secure a safe profit margin.

But the problems that emerged were unexpected. Soon they reached a point when orders they received outnumbered the employees’ daily missions. “We have to cancel nearly half of our orders each day. We do try to keep our customers satisfied, but this is affecting our revenue,” Afzali, Carno CEO, told Al-Monitor.

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