TPOI, Russia Business Co. ink MoU to enhance trade coop.

Iran-Russia trade balance grows in 2018

IRNA – The Russian Customs Organization released a report on its trade in 2018, according to which its trade balance with Iran has risen in comparison to 2017.

Russia had $ 688.115 billion in trade exchanges with other countries last year. Of these, $449.115 billion were allocated to Russian exports and $ 238.151 billion of imports from the country and in total made trade balance positive.

Iran’s trade exchanges with Russia make up only 0.3 percent of the world’s largest foreign trade, which borders Iran vie the Caspian Sea and is a negligible figure in the face of broad political, security and economic relations between the two countries.

According to the Russian Customs Organization, Iran has a $ 1.7 billion trade exchanges with Russia in 2018, including $1.207 billion of exports to Iran and $533 million of imports from Iran.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Iran and Russia had $1.707 billion worth of trade exchanges, while Russian exports to Iran totaled $313 billion and imports from Iran was $ 392.2 million.