Capacity of Iran’s commercial ports reaches 234 million tons: Minister

IRNA – The Minister of Roads and Urban Development said that during the last four decades a lot of efforts have been made to develop sea and port activities in Iran so that now the capacity of the country’s commercial ports has exceeded from 19 million tons to 234 million tons.

Mohammad Eslami said on Sunday at the 26th National Marine Organizations’ Coordinating Conference: ‘Iran has vast enormous capacities in the maritime and navigation sector, and these great capacities should be used well for job creation.’

He said that sea and maritime has become one of the components of the authority of the nations.

He went on to say that in Iran, with the 5,900 kilometers water border, this element of national authority has been neglected.

Minister of Roads and Urban Development, reminding that the sanctions that have been imposed since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution and they have improved the ability of the Iranian people in different sectors, said, ‘We must strive to increase our synergies in the marine sector with unity and solidarity.’

Eslami referred to new US Sanctions and said that the new sanctions against the Iranian nation are contrary to international standards and in fact a kind of rebellion in the world.