All villages to enjoy natural gas within 2-3 years: NIGC managing director

Tehran Times – Natural gas will be supplied to all villages in the country by the next two-three years, National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) managing director announced.

also said that 3,000 villages in the country enjoy natural gas at the moment while supplying gas to the rural regions is a very difficult job, Shana reported.
Iran’s daily transferring capacity of gas network stands at 750 million cubic meters (mcm), according to the official.

“Some 93.6 percent of Iran’s population enjoy natural gas; gas is supplied to 97 percent of people in the urban areas and 82 percent of people in the rural regions”, he said.

The official further noted that development of South Pars Gas Field (the huge field Iran shares with Qatar in the Persian Gulf) has played some significant role in gas supplying and also gas exports to the neighbors.

Exports of gas to other countries while brings revenue for Iran, expands the country’s political relations with those countries; so it’s been a turning point, according to Montazer Torbati.