Iran’s attitude towards Tajikistan ‘relational’

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi described Iran’s attitude toward Tajikistan as relational, saying that Tehran’s policy following the country’s independence was standing with Dushanbe government.

Asked about Tajik foreign minister’s statements and bilateral ties, he said that Iran-Tajikistan ties are deep and based on ancient origins, as one cannot ignore the ancient bonds.

“I agree with the remarks of the country’s foreign minister on Iran’s National Day and I think the history, geography, past and future as well as all the commonalities stress the need for further cooperation and solidarity between the two countries,” he said.

Iran’s policy towards the neighbors is clear, as it is based on further deepening cooperation in all fields and good neighborliness of the two nations, he said.

“We favor a Tajikistan enjoying security, stability and development, as Iran’s policy following the country’s independence has always been accompanying and standing next to Tajikistan government,” he said.

Iran has never supported any group acting against legal pillars of Tajikistan and has always favored good and brotherly relations with the country’s government, Qasemi said.

Independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty as well as friendly relations between the two countries have always been a priority for the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.