Bulgaria calls for launching direct flight between Sofia – Tehran

IRNA – Deputy Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria, in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, called for the launch of a direct flight between Tehran and Sofia, and said that there should be a joint working group of tourism for doing business.

Lyuben Kancher, in a meeting with tourism deputy director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, Vali Teymori, on Wednesday, pointed to the level of tourism interactions between the two countries, adding that ‘few Iranian tourists go to Bulgaria and vise versa, so it time for the two countries to think for improvement of the issue.

He also pointed to the Bulgarian attractions and tourism experiences in the country, and said, ‘Bulgaria, with 1,600 mineral springs that heal more than 200 types of diseases, is the second largest mineral water destination in Europe, and we have been focusing on culinary and drinking tourism as well.’

The Bulgarian official added, ‘There are about 12 destinations for this type of tourism. There are 7 cultural and historical destinations in Bulgaria, where the quality of tourism in these areas is increasing.”

Tourism deputy director of the Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, for his part, said, ‘Tourism has the power of magic. If you are a wizard, tourism is a good tool to meet demands.

Teymori went on to say that he was ready to work with Bulgaria to advance tourism interactions, adding, ‘I am fully acquainted with the country’s ability to provide water treatment. The two countries have a capacity to cooperate in different areas that can be strengthened.”

The Iranian official made the remark, “The memorandum on tourism between the two countries has expired, but we can extend the memorandum with a shortcut to extend the memorandum and prepare an executive document to sign the memorandum.