Spokesman: Iran ready to resolve differences with regional states through talks

FNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi declared his country’s willingness to resolve the existing differences with the regional states through negotiations, stressing that Tehran respects the territorial integrity of all countries in the region.

“Iran is ready to resolve the disagreements, if there is any, with a few regional states at the negotiating table peacefully,” Qassemi told FNA on Tuesday.

He underlined that Iran has no greedy eyes on the neighboring and regional states, and said, “We have respected the sovereignty of all countries in the region and despite our differences in taste with a number of them, we have rushed to help them and spared no efforts to help them, if they needed and their governments demanded.”

Qassemi stressed Iran’s positive and constructive view about all regional states, expressing the hope that sustainable peace and stability will be established in the region and grounds would be paved for the long-term economic development through collective cooperation.

Iran has played a military advisory role in Syria and Iraq to help them fight against the terrorist groups.

The country has always asked the regional states to settle differences through talks.

In relevant remarks last month, Qassemi said that Tehran had always been having a positive attitude towards expanding relations with countries of the region, adding that sustainable peace and stability in the region were atop the agenda of Iran’s foreign policy.

“Iran has been dealing with neighbors and regional countries in a positive and peaceful way, aiming to improve relations, as well as seeking a collective effort for peace, stability and sustainable security in the region, and further expansion of economic cooperation,” Qassemi highlighted.

Expressing that Iran’s record in the field of regional affairs was very brilliant, he said Iran wanted peace, stability and security in all regional countries, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

“Regular and close communications with neighbors is Iran permanent policy, as it is interested to work for peace and convergence and ironing out differences along with certain regional countries,” the foreign ministry mouthpiece added.