Bahram Qassemi

Spokesman censures Bolton’s delusive remarks on Iran

Tasnim – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman hammered US National Security Advisor John Bolton for his comments about the Islamic Republic’s 40th anniversary celebrations, saying he had better abandon delusive dreams about the Iranian nation and recognize the realities.

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Bahram Qassemi said John Bolton suffers from “chronic delusion” when it comes to Iran and Iranians.

His comments came after Bolton blasted Iran on the 40th anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution on Monday, saying the Iranian establishment will not have many more anniversaries to enjoy.

In response, Qassem said Bolton has been frustrated at the failure of his dreams after witnessing the magnificent demonstrations held in honor of the Islamic Revolution anniversary and in spite of all “self-invented delusions” and provocations by certain US-allied terrorist groups.

Bolton has once again expressed a “passive, hostile and angry” reaction instead of gaining an insight into the great Iranian nation’s culture and the Islamic Revolution’s roots, he said.

Qassemi stressed that Bolton is resorting to “raw claims and imaginary assumptions” to find a way to justify his erroneous analyses and wrong predictions.

He advised US officials to learn lessons from the high turnout of Iranian people in the Islamic Revolution anniversary celebrations and stop making wrong comments about Iran by exercising wisdom and abandoning old grudges.