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HRW Chief: US not eligible to criticize human rights in Iran

File photo of Executive Director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth

IRNA – The Executive Director of Human Rights Watch in a message rejected US eligibility to criticize human rights in Iran.

“What ‘moral clarity’ can America claim in denouncing Iran’s human-rights abuses when it turns a blind eye to those committed by its friends?“ Such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel,’ Kenneth Roth tweeted on Saturday.

US’ ignoring human rights violations in countries which are Washington’s close allies has always been criticized by political observers all over the world. Saudi Arabia, US backyard in the Middle East and a country where the most basic human rights are not observed has been the center of these criticisms. The most recent example of human rights abuse by Saudi rulers was the brutal slaughtering of a dissident journalist in Istanbul, Turkey.

Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi veteran writer and journalist entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 to collect paperwork for his forthcoming marriage but disappeared there.

After 18 days of silence and rejecting claims that Khashoggi was killed, the Saudi government finally bowed down to international pressure on October 20th and claimed in a statement the prominent journalist was killed in a fist-fight inside Istanbul consulate.

All evidence suggests 15 Saudi agents with close ties to the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman who were deployed to Istanbul are in charge of killing Khashoggi and dismembering his body.

The Trump administration is also under the pressures of the oppositions to cut off supporting Saudis in waging war against Yemen.

This is while, US has lapsed into silence as regard imprisoning journalists and political activists in Egypt.

Earlier in his trip to Egypt, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo described as unimportant talking about imprisoned journalists.

Meanwhile, despite the cruelties and crimes by Israeli regime against Palestinians, Washington has increased it supports for the Zionists.

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