Foreign travelers to Chabahar up 147%

Financial Tribune – More than 3,200 foreigners travelled to Chabahar in Iran’s Southeastern Province of Sistan-Baluchestan, during the first nine months of Iranian fiscal year (March, December 2018).

The number shows a significant growth of 147%, compared with the same period last year, Chabahar FTZ official website reported.

Host to several natural and historical attractions, Chabahar could be named as on of the most underrated destinations in Iran. However, in recent years various measures have been taken to promote Iran’s sole oceanic port as a safe and hospitable choice for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Development of aviation infrastructures is one of the key plans pursued by the government in order to attract visitors.

The High Council of Free Trade Zones has recently announced that it is ready to start construction of a new airport inside the free trade zone. Currently, air travelers to Chabahar need to use airport of Konarak city, near Chabahar.

Morteza Bank stressed that the construction of the new airport will considerably help the economic growth of the Chabahar Free Trade Zone.

In a recent press conference, Bank noted that the council is also about to start building a new passenger terminal at the Konarak International Airport, mainly to enhance the current conditions for visitors.

“The construction of the new terminal will start in the next Iranian year (starting from March 21, 2019),” he said.

Currently, there are 22 tourist resorts in Chabahar, including four hotels and ecolodges.

In another move aimed to bring more Iranian travelers to Chabahar, and other six free trade zones of Iran, the council is planning to offer low-interest loans to visitors. The credit is to be used only inside the FTZs.