Minister: Iranian Armed Forces ready for relief aid in disasters

Tasnim – Defense minister of Iran highlighted the Armed Forces’ readiness to provide rescue and relief assistance for the civil organizations to handle the situation at the time of disaster.

In comments at a gathering of commanders of the IRGC Ground Force’s Medical Command, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the Armed Forces are prepared to offer rescue and relief aid in all circumstances.

He noted that the Iranian Armed Forces not only ensure security in various areas of the country, but also provide services for people in the underprivileged areas.

“There are no limitations in the country to the production of telemedicine equipment and armored ambulances,” the minister added, stating that advances have been made in the development of rescue helicopters.

In comments in November 2017, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said the Iranian Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps are duty bound to work together to serve the nation.

Stressing the need for the military forces to get involved in public service efforts, the general pointed to the significant role that the IRGC and the Army had played in providing disaster relief aid for the people in the western province of Kermanshah after an earthquake that year.

Following a massive earthquake in western Iran on November 12, 2017, the IRGC and the Army units were deployed to the quake-hit areas and played a leading role in the rescue and relief operations.