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Samsung revises smartphone warranty terms in Iran

Financial Tribune – As per the new rule, if a mobile phone is harmed due to a locally-developed application, the device’s warranty would still be valid but Samsung can charge the customer for repairs

To help uphold consumer rights and some prodding from the Iran Information Technology Organization, Samsung has revised its smartphone warranty conditions.

As is customary with the South Korean tech giant, Samsung offers 12-month warranty on handsets it sells in Iran. However, as per previous terms of service, if a customer installed an application on the smartphone not published on international app stores, warranty of the device would be terminated.

Following the new rules, if a mobile phone is harmed due to installation of any locally-developed application, the device warranty would still be valid. However, Samsung can charge the customer for damages caused by the app.

The IT Organization’s deputy for Legal Affairs Mohammad Jafar Nanakar told the Financial Tribune, “We were notified that Samsung could terminate the warranty offered on its smartphones if users installed apps developed by local companies and mostly offered via homegrown app stores.”