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Iran to cover political risks of foreign investment

IRNA- The caretaker of the Organization for investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran underlined that the economic risks are covered by insurance and all political risks related to business in the country are also covered.

Ahmad Jamali stated that every business faces two economic and political risks.

He focused on ‘incentives’, ‘facilities’ and ‘necessary support to investors’ at the International Investment Opportunities Conference of Iran at the permanent venue of Tehran’s international exhibitions.

Jamali went on to say that the first step to encourage investment is existence of the appropriate investment opportunities and to provide these opportunities in the form of detailed statistics and information for investors who are interested in investing in the country.

Jamali expressed, ‘There are good ideas for investing in the country, but we should be able to offer these opportunities in the form of suitable and acceptable projects.’

Pointing out that new technologies, in particular financial technologies, are one of the tools that make the idea a good idea for investors, the official said that the scope of coverage of foreign investors’ risks includes wide range of risks and if a project faces particular risks, the government also pledges to cover those risks.

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