Iran pursuing Turkish flights from Ahvaz

IRNA – The Director General of Khuzestan Airports underlined that I.R. Civil Aviation Organization has managed to pursue the continuation of Turkish flights from Ahvaz airport.

Commenting on the cause of the termination of Turkish Airlines flights from Ahvaz airport, Mohammad Reza Rezaei said on Wednesday that the authorities of the Turkish Airlines have announced the termination without referring to any specific reason for the halt.

He said the company had announced that it would terminate its flights from Ahvaz since February 18, but now Ahvaz-Istanbul flight is underway.

The provincial official said the Turkish Airlines plan to terminate its flights has nothing to do with sanctions.

Rezaei noted, “The program to end direct flights from local airports is not limited to Ahvaz, and Turkish Airlines will apply this policy in other provinces of the country.”