Official warns of falling into enemy’s economic-psychological trap

IRNA- Head of Iran’s Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi says the United States and some countries in the region, while resorting to economic, psychological and promotional warfare, are seeking to divert Islamic Republic from its goals and ideals so the authorities should be careful not to fall into the enemy’s trap.

Vaezi said on Tuesday that fanning psychological warfare and massive propaganda, the enemy is seeking to disappoint the community.

He stated, ‘At a time when enemy has made serious plans for disappointment and mishap of the public and has activated a planning center for the purpose in the region and Washington, we must be very alert and watchful to confront properly with this.’

The official suggested that the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its abilities, has had many actions and achievements in various fields, especially in the field of construction, development of the country and depopulation.

The head of the president’s office stated, ‘The ultimate goal of the enemy is to separate people and government so we must be vigilant against the US plots and its media network, and if we manage to react wisely we can foil enemy’s plans.’