Terrorist groups’ infiltration attempt thwarted in Hama countryside

SANA – Army units have conducted operations against terrorist groups’ positions in the vicinity of Lahaya village in Hama northern countryside in retaliation to their breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement.

SANA reporter said that army units on Tuesday targeted with artillery fire a terrorist group linked to “Al-Ezza Brigades” while they were trying to sneak from the vicinity of al-Bweida village into safe areas in Hama northern countryside.

Army units also thwarted terrorist group’s attempt to sneak from al-Janabra village towards Bredij village in Mharde north-western countryside, killing and injuring its members, SANA reporter added.

On Monday, the army units carried out precision strikes on positions of terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra, ” Turkistan Party” and “Al-Ezza Brigades” on the directions Bab al-Taqa, al-Ziyara, Ma’rkebeh towns and the area of Wadi (valley) al-Dawrat, east of Al-Latamina, in Hama northern countryside.

Infiltration routes of terrorists in the vicinity of Kafr Nobol, Jarjanaz and Skaik in Idleb southern countryside were also targeted by the army units.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon terrorists in personnel and equipment as their engineering fortified positions were destroyed .

Gh.A. Hassoun