Palestine slams Israel aggression against Syria

IRNA – Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine together with the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned Israel’s Monday night attacks on Syria.

The spokesman for the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Davoud Shahab wrote in his Twitter account that the aggression is aimed at undermining security and stability in Syria.

He also underlined the importance of establishing unity among Resistance forces for confronting the Zionist regime’s colonial plans.

Meanwhile, Hamas Spokesman Abdul-Latif al-Qanou said that the attacks reveal the fact that the Zionist regime of Israel is the main enemy of the Islamic Ummah and the biggest threat to Muslims’ unity.

He called for putting an end to Arab-Islamic crises and disputes to defeat Zionist plots.

The Israeli forces on Monday night conducted heavy missile attacks on Syria and the Syrian air defense intercepted all missiles before hitting the targets.

It was the third Zionist aggression on Syria since the beginning of 2019.

Earlier Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the Israeli aggression carried out at dawn on Damascus and its Countryside was an attempt to prolong the crisis in Syria and the terrorist war on it.