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Iranian fishermen rescued at Sea of Oman ‘safe and sound’

IRNA – Four men, who hadn’t returned to their departure port, have been found near the Chabahar Port at the Sea of Oman.

Iran says four fishermen have been rescued at the Sea of Oman after several hours of rescue work.

‘Search and rescue operation was coordinated by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) located at 30 miles off the coast of Chabahar Port,’ Seyed Hassan Ebrahimi, deputy maritime affairs at Ports and Maritime Organisation of the southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province told IRNA.

‘Five rescue vessels were sent to the area as soon as we found out that four fishermen on a small boat hadn’t returned to the port of Konarak in southern Iranian Bushehr Province,’ said Ebrahimi.

‘The fishermen were found after seven hours of search and rescue operation,’ added the official who assured they were sent back to Konarak ‘safe and sound’.

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