Iran sends 215 convicted Afghans back home

IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Justice Mahmoud Abbasi announced the transfer of 215 Afghan prisoners to their country.

Mahmoud Abbasi reiterated on Tuesday that according to an agreement between Iran and Afghanistan, about 700 Afghan prisoners will be transferred to their country by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2019).

He noted that in the third phase of this project, 215 convicts were handed over to Afghan authorities today on Dugaron border on east of Iran .

Head of the transfer committee of convicts mentioned that 443 Afghan prisoners have been sent back to Afghanistan so far.

Abbasi said these prisoners were mostly charged with drug trafficking and unauthorized entry offences.

According to IRNA, a total of 443 Afghan prisonders have been transferred to their country this month which gets the total number to 658.