Banning import of goods not affecting Tehran-Ankara ties

IRNA – Head of Turkey’s Trade Development Association with Iran and the Middle East, Azoujan Alash, stressed that Iran’s parliament decision to ban import of goods which have Iranian similar brands will have no effect on Ankara-Tehran relations.

According to IRNA, with the vote of Iranian MPs on Sunday, the registration of orders of foreign goods with the same Iranian high quality brand was banned until the end of the Sixth Development Plan.

The Turkish official said in an interview with the Russian Sputnik news agency on Monday that Turkey does not export any essential goods to Iran, but Iran, on the contrary, exports some of its goods to Turkey.

He highlighted, “Iran buys textiles, foodstuffs and plastic raw materials from Turkey’.

“We exported the US, European, and Turkish drugs seven years ago, but Iran began to build the same after stopping the import of these drugs; in recent years, Iran’s national production policy and the absence of foreign imports in its work plan, Tehran has forbidden the import of consuming goods if it has similar Iranian brands.