Iran-Pak train service restored in SW Pakistan

IRNA – Authorities in Pakistan’s south western Balochistan province have resorted Iran-Pakistan cargo train service after completing repair works, official media reported.

According to reports cargo train was de-tracked in Chaghi district due to failing of engine while around 100 feet of railway track was also damaged in this incident.

After a hectic effort of railway department with several labour workers the railway service was restored in a short time period.

Quetta-Taftan Railway route is one of four main railway routes in Pakistan, operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line begins from Quetta station and ends at Koh-e-Taftan station.

The total length of this railway line is 325 kilometers. There are 23 railway stations from Quetta to Koh-e-Taftan. The line then crosses into Iran and extends to Zahedan.